Do you hold a coveted closet?

March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Too good to be true, The Coveteur wants to see what you have in your closet.


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Inside your closet

Inside a closet

Warning: If you have voyeuristic tendencies, are addicted to and have not been to the Coveteur yet, get ready for Friday nights at home perusing this site with glee. A site that fulfills my inner desires to pry on fashion editor’s, designers’, and designer-hoarding experts’ closets. I’m always squirming with envy while being simultaneously touched by all the individual stories behind each personal item. (Especially the “gifted” items. I mean, helloooo, where are the men in my life giving me those kinda gifts?) I long for the day my mother transfers her collection of 30-year-old Chanel purses, hoards of Ferragamo belts and Cartier jewelry. Too bad she’s in Thailand. In the meantime, I’m gonna post up what I hold dear in my closet and see if it will stand a chance on the Coveteur.


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