Muse of the Month: Danae DeSpain

April 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

My muse, my model, my motivation.

Urban Gypsies

Urban Gypsie

Kiera LLiseve Photo

Photos credit: Kiera Lillesve Photography and Danae DeSpain

Let’s just say that when I was 19 I was sitting at the back of the class wondering why boys my age weren’t texting me back. Clearly I should’ve been investing my day-dreams into scouring thrift stores, core-strength training and working at LF to get discounts on Jeffrey Campbell Clinics like this little gem. A fellow USD student with doe eyes, an open face, and impeccably porcelain skin. You also can’t hate on a gifted photographer who catches the youth in us as it consumes the flames by which it was nourished by. Scholarship students-by-day and size 0 models-by-night. A shoutout to  Danae who is currently brainstorming with me on ideas on how to improve web-shopping. Let’s just say I graciously obliged. Am honored. Am humbled. And am excited. Would like to put my mark on this world and will do it through making y’all voyeurs. Watcher-out!

P.S. Inspired for Coachella?


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