Day 4: World Coloring in Day

April 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Curiouser and curiouser!

Blush Tones

H&M Conscious Collection blush tones

Leather shorts silk shirts

H&M Silk shirt, Lazerade leather shorts, Steve Madden wedges

I was whisked away to Europe, Africa, and the Americas at a young age, thanks to my parents who ran their own travel agency. Coloring in places I’ve visited takes me back to times when I was 12 bouncing on hotel beds at the Crillon in Paris sipping on thick chocolat chaud, playing with double shower heads at the Bel Air, and waking up to wild boar for breakfast on a Safari trip. Places I intend on visiting this year and look forward to going to before I die are the small, unvisited nature reserves in Bhutan, Central Asia, and of course, quiet serene places like Sweden. While it’s been a pleasure traveling luxuriously with the parents, I live for the backpacking moments with my friends. If I can be the girl you wanna marry in blush tones during the day, and the lass at the bar in leather shorts, then I can most certainly rough it up in sleeping bags, warming up beans from a tin can on a small patch of hot coals, and living it up until the next clean shower.


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