5 Tips to Staying Positively Chic while Balancing Your Budget

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Don’t be ashamed of saving your hard earned cash. The Most Frugal often has 50k+ stashed away somewhere from being so. Here are some of my tried-and-true tips on being the talk of town while still having young money change in your pocket. Being financially savvy and safe is better than broke and a nobody.


Syrah Wine Parlor

  1. Dine Out during Happy Hours
    Being Asian at heart, I have an affinity to sharing plates. And I’m always starved at 5pm. At times that I need to be seen, I go out straight after I leave the Headquarters or right after a movie. It’s boring to sift through one plate of pasta with one kind of sauce for the entire night. Restaurants: Excite me with your menu and let your dishes play with my palate without leaving me homeless. The best kind of happy hour is one right after work, from 4 – 6pm, and the late night ones for pre/post-party grubbing from 10pm – 1am. You can get 4-5 dishes and pay 50% for them all. Favorite San Diego hangouts where I lurk after work consist of Syrah, Wa Dining OKAN, Costa Brava, and Quality Social.

    Coffee from Cafe Bassam

    Coffee from Cafe Bassam that cost me $4

  2. Take lunch to work, make your own cup of Joe (On your Average Day)
    While I’m an advocate for lunching with your lady-friends and sitting under the sun at your neighboring country club with your salad Nicoise, on your average day, that’s $15 down the drain. Plus Corporate America selling you $5 of coffee? Save yourself the hassle by buying some organic fair-trade freshly-ground coffee and bring a cuppa to work. You get to put as much cream/sugar you want, and lessen your dose of sodium with every meal. Then, lunch becomes a special occasion for your girl-time and those necessary meetings.


    Valentino T-Studded Pumps, Originally $895. I got them for $345.

  3. Don’t go randomly to sales, make a Wishlist Map and follow through
    I stole this from her highness, Anna Dello Russo.  Don’t get blinded by the coveted 4 letter word you wait for twice a year. SALES are great until you bring back a garden gnome made out of marble “Because it was soooooo cheap!” Stay posted to the windows, follow customer direction, and pick on a piece that is out of the ordinary but sophisticated and made with high quality material. This way, you won’t end up with 5 black dresses from Gucci but one coveted runway piece that’s gone for 70% off and will never be seen on anyone else again.


    Seaport Village, Downtown San Diego

  4. Take a walk
    That’s right. So simple yet so easily looked over. When I have a spare hour, I walk. An easy workout that allows me to discover my surroundings (or an excuse to window-eye-stalk gelato stores) enjoy my companion (if I have one dangling off my arm) and transport my lazy behind without spending gas moolah. You’d be surprised at all the things you missed while whizzing behind the wheel. Apologies to everyone else living outside of San Diego who don’t have 24/7 perfect walking-around-while-sipping-tea weather.
  5. Get your B+ List connections straight 
    Bouncers, Bartenders, and Busboys. According to the snobby Carrie Brawshaw, that’s what us Twenty-Somethings are good for (and for having cute butts.) While it’s great that some can brag about knowing the owner of the club, the true gatekeepers to nightlife establishments that won’t lose a large sum of capital by letting you and a gaggle of friends in are the bouncers. Take’m out to lunch. The bartenders will take care of you as long as you take care of them (And who doesn’t wanna tip a good person who humbly made your poison) and the bussers are the most fun to hangout with (Often working this job to support their wellbeing until they move to bigger better things… Hello previous bussers Johnny Depp, Martin Luther King and Robert Downey Jr.) Can’t have a photo for this, gotta keep my peeps on the DL.

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