3 Natural Remedies to Getting Undeniably Clear Skin

June 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Oui, c’est moi sans Make up

Veggie Juice Urth Caffe Los Angeles

At Urth Caffe in Los Angeles, with my mug of Vampiro

  1. Detox with raw juice. No pills, no shots.
    My favorite is the Vampiro, a blend of beetroot, carrot, orange, and celery juice.  A great pick me up at 3pm while you sprint through the next 2 hours of work. Beet is known to help detox your blood, whereas carrot just has a chockload of vitamins. Other miracles are Acai bowls in the morning and a fresh apple and ginger juice pre-workout. This is an easier way to ingest your daily dose of sugar, fruits and fiber, and a natural alternative to refreshing your body.
  2. Alternate every 2 days with Enzyme Peels/Cleanser/Scrubs. No large granules, no harsh grains.
    My favorite is the rice scrub found in Dermalogica’s Daily Microexfoliant and Juice Beauty’s Fruit Enzyme mask. Mostly organic and very mild, these soft beads and active fruit enzymes are easy and gentle on your skin, scraping off dead skin cells while keeping your protective layer intact.
  3. Start your morning with a glass of warm water and a lemon slice. 
    Half an hour before you gorge down your toast and beans, take a sip of this metabolism-jolting beverage. I’m parched every morning, and a glass of this works wonders every day when I wake up, helping my digestion as well as keeping my skin in check. You’ll feel cleaner and less inclined to stuff your face of fried food.

Easy, peasy, Japonesey? Try this for a week. I’ve always been a fan of the raw food/raw juice diet, just for a week to restart your skin to its factory setting (or after a particularly taxing week.) What are your natural remedies to keeping your skin crystal clear?


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