Turn it up, mash it up, it ain’t the end of the world

June 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Thanks Mochi Beats for churning 14 of the most annoying songs into 1 spaztastic, dance-til-you-fumble track .

Raging Levels by Mochi Beat

If I were a music genre, I’d be a mash-up. Too chaotic to be defined in one category and always ready to please with catchy hooks and the best part of the bridge. Always a favorite at house parties and beach bonfires for regurgitating a myriad of melodies and allowing all kinds of dance moves to be showcased on the dance floor/spot. Can you pick out what 14 songs are being mixed? I’m not going to give the answers away.


Keeping a cream dress clean

June 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Ceviche, along with salsa, and every other sour, spicy sauce = A cream colored dress’s mortal enemy.

Beige Dress

BCBG Runway Dress

Peruvian Food

At Los Balcones del Peru

This beige and cream chiffon pleated knee-length dress represents the Lady-Gaga-meets-Byronic-Heroine look seen throughout BCBG’s Spring ’11 Runway collection. Shying away from the usual ruffled, strapless dresses aka a Prom Queen’s essential party frock, I took a chance in wearing big sleeves on a big night out for my best girlfriend’s graduation AND to dinner at a wonderful Peruvian restaurant, Los Balcones del Peru, hidden in the corner of Hollywood. I love the way it romantically drapes over my curves without being see-through or vulgar at any angle. Perhaps it’s the mesh v-neck or the thick(er) chiffon material that makes the dress look slightly less flimsy and not-too-delicate, therefore perfect for wandering around until 2 am without being a moving target. You gotta keep it classy but practical, y’know. Keep it lookin’ a lot more than it’s actually worth. Not to mention that while I rubbed my sleeve vigorously after splattering some lime juice over me, it was left in a damp condition without abrasion . I did also get this dress on sale. 70% OFF. Score.

No Photoshop Campaign

June 23, 2011 § 4 Comments

While one could argue: Why on EARTH does anyone NEED to see me with stubby eyelashes, blotchy skin and unkempt hair?

The answer is (And I beg not to sound cliche): That’s who you are. No shame/point in hiding. Model Coca Rocha recently announced she will pose for Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 collection without the help of photoshop. While the rest of us mere mortals agree that the girl doesn’t need to be photoshopped in the first place, I’m still waiting until a politician or famous actress denies the help of beauty editing. That being said, here’s what Elisa Sednaoui said in response to my comment via Twitter:

So we should be the ones to start the process of going back to reality. We need to understand the concept of beauty is so relative.

Amen, sister! We gotchuu here! I’m all about seeing some pores. It’s not like they’re posing without makeup. *gaspshockhorror* Any bare-faced ladies wannna share some bare-skinned tips?

Versace for H&M

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Halt! Taxis screech as you stick out your bronzed pins

The fashion world holds their breath for another high end meets low end collaboration at H&M, this time, with Ms. D. Versace herself. As mentioned by Elin Kling and the NY Daily News, isn’t she a little fashionably late getting on this “quality goods for the mass markets” train? I’m an advocate for quality over quantity but sweethearts, it’s practically useless and emotionally taxing to spend $$$ on an item of clothing that can be easily destroyed by a drop of soy sauce.  Nonetheless, let’s hope Donatella showcases her most glamorous and flamboyant combos and sells sex on legs with H&Ms great prices. I long for Nov. 17th when this Fall ’11 collection comes out.

Day 11: Send a letter to a mass murderer.

June 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

Let them know how you really think

W Hotel, Hollywood, CA.

Asking for trouble now are we? I may be an avid fan of Criminal Minds on Ion TV, but what can you POSSIBLY say to someone who has the inability to feel remorse? If there’s one thing I learnt about a prison tour I took last year, it’s: You gotta play by their rules to get under their skin.

3 Natural Remedies to Getting Undeniably Clear Skin

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Oui, c’est moi sans Make up

Veggie Juice Urth Caffe Los Angeles

At Urth Caffe in Los Angeles, with my mug of Vampiro

  1. Detox with raw juice. No pills, no shots.
    My favorite is the Vampiro, a blend of beetroot, carrot, orange, and celery juice.  A great pick me up at 3pm while you sprint through the next 2 hours of work. Beet is known to help detox your blood, whereas carrot just has a chockload of vitamins. Other miracles are Acai bowls in the morning and a fresh apple and ginger juice pre-workout. This is an easier way to ingest your daily dose of sugar, fruits and fiber, and a natural alternative to refreshing your body.
  2. Alternate every 2 days with Enzyme Peels/Cleanser/Scrubs. No large granules, no harsh grains.
    My favorite is the rice scrub found in Dermalogica’s Daily Microexfoliant and Juice Beauty’s Fruit Enzyme mask. Mostly organic and very mild, these soft beads and active fruit enzymes are easy and gentle on your skin, scraping off dead skin cells while keeping your protective layer intact.
  3. Start your morning with a glass of warm water and a lemon slice. 
    Half an hour before you gorge down your toast and beans, take a sip of this metabolism-jolting beverage. I’m parched every morning, and a glass of this works wonders every day when I wake up, helping my digestion as well as keeping my skin in check. You’ll feel cleaner and less inclined to stuff your face of fried food.

Easy, peasy, Japonesey? Try this for a week. I’ve always been a fan of the raw food/raw juice diet, just for a week to restart your skin to its factory setting (or after a particularly taxing week.) What are your natural remedies to keeping your skin crystal clear?

Me and Miu, just us two.

June 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

Miu Miu Bow Satchel Purse


Debatable: “It” bag or Practical satchel with a girly purpose? I’d like to think of it as an opulent addition to every day’s bare bones minimalism. Swing it across your body wearing a white tee, black satin shorts and gladiator sandals to show-off some summer skin (your belly button and this satchel’s nude/blush tone) or let it hang limply off your wrist as a fancy hand accessory. It’s the perfect accessory during hot, humid months.